Your 3-Second Elevator Pitch

Your logo is often the first thing people see of your brand, and it really is like a 3-second elevator pitch. So it needs to powerfully communicate your essence, your key values, and be something you’re proud of displaying. We take the time to deeply understand you and your company before we put pen to paper (and, yes, we really do put pen to paper in our creative process). And you get a logo/brand that sings strongly to your audiences.


We have a proven process for logo/brand design. It starts with taking the time to understand you and primary research into your market space, to fully grok who you are and how you stand out from the crowd. From there we launch the creatives, starting (usually) with hand sketches, until we arrive at the 3-5 best options for you. And then the fun really begins….

Logos to Love

You just gotta love your logo. You should be proud to have it behind you when you present to a room full of people. There’s a lot more to it than just a pretty picture, it needs to work in multiple contexts; small on a business card, huge on the side of a building, and online all over the world. Don’t waste your first impression, get a logo you love.

ACT Environmental

Flagship Facility Services

Postini (Google)



Mark Logic

ClickHome Realty


Living Space


Tom Adams Research

Blossom Hill School


MedSpan Research



The 88

Redhawk Realty

Legacy Bank




Abbott, Stringham and Lynch


Postini (Now Google)

Activation, Content, Digital, Identity, Strategy

MATRIXX Software

Activation, Content, Digital, Identity, Strategy


Digital, Identity


Activation, Digital, Identity, Strategy

Los Gatos Theatre

Activation, Identity

Flagship Facility Services

Activation, Digital, Identity, Strategy

Seal Software

Content, Digital