Los Gatos Theatre Brand Activation

The Los Gatos Theatre has been a fixture in Los Gatos since 1915. In mid-2014 it was re-opened with a lovely classic art deco design. What a cool client! The theatre is amazingly beautiful, so our designs match the style and quality of the architecture, and enable Los Gatos Theatre to build its brand everywhere it’s being used.

Identity System

The LG Theatre is a special place, so their identity system had to reflect the style, fun, and feel of the actual theatre. We combined a modern design philosophy with the style and graphic elements from the 1920s to create stationary and a business system that feels just like being in the theatre.

Promotional Materials

The theatre was designed to host special events, so they needed to create customize tickets that were tied to both the theatre and the movies that would be shown at an opening. Likewise, their ads needed to stand out and be immediately recognizable to their audience. Oya, and everyone at the theatre, were thrilled with the results.

Rental Information Brochure

One of our favorite parts of the theatre is the small venue upstairs that, along with the main theatre, is available to rent. Cozy, comfortable, and elegant, the brochure for the intimate space needed to not just show it, it needed to feel the same as of being there, while staying true to the brand.

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