The Mushroom People Will Change the World

When the MycoWorks principals came to us they knew they had a revolutionary product but they were just a couple of inventors, an artist, and a business guy who had determined a process for using mycelium in fantastic ways for building materials. “Anything you can do with plastic, you can do with mycelium,” they said to us…which, we admit, was a bit hard to believe right at the beginning.

We had lots of questions. How does this work? Is it alive? What happens when it gets wet? What can you make? How long does it last? Is it fire resistant? How strong is it? To our delight they had answers. And wow, it’s not only true, but just the beginning of the story. The folks at MycoWorks have found ways to use mycelium that can replace almost any materials that are currently made out of hydrocarbons and many types of wood. We were sold and now seriously drink their Kool-Aid (can you tell?). We believe MycoWorks is going to change the world, or at least make it a better, safer, and cleaner and greener place.

Being a bootstrapped company, they are on a very lean budget, meaning we had to find creative ways to get their creative done. By now we were totally sold on the vision of Phil Ross, Sophia Wang, and Eddie Pavlu, the founders of MycoWorks, and so found efficient ways to build their brand from scratch.

They had conceived a name, but had nothing else.  We started with a logo design.  The inspiration for the graphic element in the design is derived from a stylized image of architectural design wall panels, just one of many possible applications for the MycoWorks material. The shape also forms an “M” and “W” in a stacked configuration which is can be a shorthand for MycoWorks. This shape can be used as they develop materials as a brand mark stamp on and in packaging.

From there we developed everything they needed for a business to launch into this new realm of biomaterials. A simple but elegant website built on a WordPress CMS, business system, and a presentation template for those important concept pitches. This set of marketing materials allows them to get their startup launched and begin to explore business and investment options while looking like a “real” company.

They are still very much in start up mode, exploring all kinds of exciting opportunities, and we are with them every step of the way. We know that their biotechnology is one of the waves that will create a viable future. We are proud and happy to have been there at the beginning.