Warp 9 Mr. Sulu…


When companies go through a major change, they often need support in branding, naming, marcom, and anything that is customer-facing. But there are few changes as dramatic, as gut wrenching, and (frankly) as scary as coming out of startup stealth mode and fully announcing yourself to the marketplace.

That’s what Pepperdata was preparing to do when they came to us for assistance refining their message, developing their brand, and key graphics to explain their technology, and design their website and all supporting marketing materials for launch.

Their technology was truly amazing. The company was started by some of the first production Hadoop users from Microsoft, Yahoo, and Inktomi, the company developed a Hadoop management and optimization system that would stop Hadoop—which many enterprises were starting to employ—from going flaky on them, running a job in seconds one day and hours the next. The Pepperdata system allowed admins to prioritize jobs and resources, so that mission-critical jobs got the oomph to run on time, every time.

One of the key challenges was to create a core architectural graphic. Just presenting Hadoop, which is a mesh of servers, in a unique and non-trite way, was a bit of a challenge. But then adding on the Pepperdata solution, which had it’s own control panel that connected to a small package of code running on every server, turned out to be the core challenge. Once we solved that, it was clear that we really grokked their solution, and the rest of the imagery and graphics were much more straightforward.

The website—and in fact most of their customer-facing materials—were based on images and messaging that communicated strength, flexibility, dependability, and visibility. Which are the four main business benefits that Pepperdata brought to any company using Hadoop to run it’s big jobs. It allowed Pepperdata to come out of the gate with speed, strength, and confidence. And very quickly they closed a major deal with Opower, a global leader in cloud software for the utility industry.