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Coming for a visit?

Our main office is a funky, artsy space located in downtown Los Gatos, California, just south of San Francisco. It’s an old building with brick walls so it must be cool.  It’s also a place where we can bring our dogs so they can hang out with us all day—we like that. Here are some clues on how to find us.

1. Locate V Salon 5 University Avenue (nearest cross street is Main)

2. Enter the courtyard through the iron gate and arch and head towards the back, stay left, up two steps and into a smaller, darker courtyard. There is a tree in a planter. We are the door on the left—It’s a walkup, sorry.

3. Beware of the overly-friendly labrador. Her name is Rain. Sometimes she bounds down the stairs to greet visitors. We are trying to break that habit—sorry. She’s just coming to escort you upstairs.

See you soon.  Can’t wait!