Content Marketing With eBook

Seal Software is a highly innovative company that makes software that retains, understands, and analyzes contracts. It’s really quite amazing, how they relieve lawyers and other corporate professions from the drudgery of going through contracts line-by-line.

They came to us with a fully realized brand and online presence, and just had a simple request: “Could you help us create an e-book?” They provided the base content they wanted to use without much guidance on what it should look like.  They wanted us to apply our guidance and expertise to the final product.

We were, of course, happy to. When we say we’re a full service Bay Area branding and marketing company, we’re not kidding. We work across the entire marketing life cycle, from early strategy and positioning to later stage tactical needs.

The Result

We took that raw content and created a fun, friendly eBook that users find easy to navigate, simple to consume, and fun to interactive with. You can see the results on their website.

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