MATRIXX Software Expands

MATRIXX was not just launching a new product, they were releasing a new type of telecom infrastructure software that would radically increase their value to the market and pivot them out of their niche to become the primary worldwide vendor of this new generation software.

Positioning & Messaging

The position and message that MATRIXX needed had to show them as the inventor of this advanced platform while not alienating their current customer base. Iterative brainstorming sessions got us to the core values of their new platform and provided a strong foundation from which to market their new technology while still promoting their original products.


Story Development

Once IDE became the personality of the product, the story development fell into place rather quickly. The narrative needed to promote the IDE and its benefits of Connected Customers/Connected Data/Connected Services was clear, and the story elements developed via their PPT presentation.


As the narrative was being constructed, we were naturally developing the video’s storyline in parallel. Using motion graphics, live video, and professional VO, Oya created a concise and fun-to-watch video that presented the core features and benefits of the IDE in 152 seconds.

Brand Activation

The IDE/MATRIXX brand was activated across multiple media simultaneously. Print pieces, video, PR, trade show materials, and presentations were all developed simultaneously, which enabled Oya to accelerate the process and ensure all pieces integrated well. The results were a successful launch that had customers asking for exclusives the same quarter of the launch.

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