ACT Brand Refresh

Advanced Chemical Transport (ACT) is a long-time Oya client. We produced their original brand over 10 years ago, and since then the company had grown and changed, so the CEO wanted a brand that really reflected their new business. We did a complete refresh, starting with the logo and activating it across an impressive array of elements.

Brand Refresh

ACT first came to us as a premier service provider for chemical remediation in the Bay Area. In the decade since they have grown tremendously, now providing multiple environmental services across the Western US. Walt Singer, the CEO, wanted his brand to reflect the modern and environmentally conscious business ACT had become, and the entire company is energized by the results.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines ensure that, as a company grows, its brand will stay strong and consistent across time and distance. With offices across the Western US, ACT needs to ensure that it’s brand is recognizable every time and everywhere it is used. With simple to understand brand guidelines and easy-to-use templates ACT looks great everywhere it goes.

Identity System

The type of business ACT does requires that they have a multitude of document types, both electronic and printed. Brochures, folders, cards, envelopes and all of their pieces need to look great all the time, in both printed and electronic forms. With the Identity System Oya designed, whatever they send out, however it’s sent, their image is consistent and communicative.


ACT’s sales process demands the use of brochures, to open conversations, continue them, or help them to explain a service and close a deal. Our Strategicreative process helped them write great content that was inserted to beautifully designed, strongly branded brochures. ACT’s management and sales staff are thrilled by how well these are easing their sales efforts.

Powerpoint Template

There are few things more frustrating than sitting through a badly designed presentation. And, if you’re giving the presentation, frustration is the last thing you want from your audience. The new ACT PPT template is beautifully designed, easy to use, and provides the basis for great presentations. PPT should be easy; we make it so.


We believe that brands that appear in our environment need to be noticeable, memorable, and attractive. Otherwise, what message are you sending? ACT’s brand was designed and created to offer a positive experience when writ large in public.  Their trucks, signs and every environmental piece enhance their overall brand experience.

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