XL Construction Branches Out

XL came to us with a strong desire to grow, in their current market (technical building), and most importantly, for large scale general construction projects. But their brand and website were looking dated and focused mainly on the technical market. Oya created a new, modern, and much more interactive website and integrated that look across their marketing ecosystem.


This Addy-award-winning site promoted XL’s change in strategic direction, successfully positioning them as a builder of much more than just technical projects. It also incorporated unique interactivity that engaged visitors and kept them onsite for longer (check it out). Everyone loves the new site, and it is helping XL increase sales and break into their new market.

"Oya Group did an outstanding job of aligning a large team with strong opinions on a single vision for our website. They are great listeners that take a variety of comments and present solutions that work for everyone. XL continually gets praise for the site. It has proven to be a great draw for clients, partners and potential employees. "

− Patti Larson, Marketing Director

Brand System Development & Integration

It happens to many companies; sales needs a presentation, so they make one; support needs a white paper, so they make one; and account management needs a new one-pager, so they make one. Soon the brand is heading toward chaos! Oya corralled XL’s brand with new marketing templates and a strong set of guidelines, so the XL brand stays powerful over time and multiple uses.


A critical activation point for XL is their bid templates. High volumes and speed caused some drift in their brand, even in this critical document. Oya created an easy-to-use set of templates to enable them to quickly produce customized bid responses while keeping the brand consistent and strong.

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