Persuasive Perforce Presentations

The CEO of any company needs to be its best evangelist. Therefore their PowerPoint decks have to be polished, highly professional, memorable, and so good that people ask for a copy of it. We brought together all of Perforce’s messages into a punchy, unified whole that the CEO was proud to present.

Corporate Powerpoint Template & Style Guide

Without a strong style guide brand drift happens; there’s just no escaping it. Every department produces their own materials, and soon there are so many versions of your brand, it has become meaningless. Oya’s style guides and PPT templates avoid unwanted brand drift. Easy to use and apply, they’ll keep your brand strong and communicative.

User Group Conference

Presenting to your existing users is an enormous opportunity. If you can turn them on and light them up, you come away with a dedicated group of brand advocates; something every company dreams of. Our Strategicreative process developed a strong, attractive, and unique style that both the users and presenters loved.


The Collaboration Tour took Perforce across the East Coast. Oya set the standard by creating a series of interlocking and strongly branded PPT templates for the presenters to use, as well as an animated piece that engaged audiences while promoting the company.

Postini (Now Google)

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MATRIXX Software

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Los Gatos Theatre

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Flagship Facility Services

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