Cisco Comes Together

Cisco wanted their younger and diverse communities (such as African American, LGBT, or women) to succeed and grow within the Cisco community. Cisco wanted to promote from within. So, they devoted substantial resources to reach that goal. While the programs were well attended, the I&D executives still felt that they weren’t reaching enough of the Cisco employees with it’s message, and certainly wasn’t known for Inclusion and Diversity outside of the company.

Concept and Messaging

The Cisco team had made some headway before they came to Oya, but they needed help to cross the finish line. We helped them consolidate and direct their thinking and came up with the “Together We…” campaign. It used the stories of real employees from around the world to promote the I&D programs, both within Cisco and, externally, for their recruitment programs.


The “Together We…” brand was activated across diverse media worldwide. Microsites, huge lobby banners, and a wide variety portable materials were developed to promote Cisco’s I&D program. And, today, the programs are better attended than ever and Cisco has become known for a leader in the I&D space.

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