Arriving in Washington, D.C.!

Arriving in Washington, D.C.!

I’m here in D.C. and I am so excited! I flew from San Jose to DFW, and then DFW to Raleigh/Durham, to meet up with my friend Amanda, who I’ve known since preschool. She and I had planned on going to the inauguration even before I won tickets.

The SJ airport

View from the plane

On the plane at DFW

Arriving in N.C.

The next day, after a 4-hour drive through Virginia, Amanda and I arrived in D.C. We expected traffic and serious crowds, but it was surprisingly quiet. There were inaugural preparations though, happening all around. 

The drive from N.C. to D.C.

We’re staying with Amanda’s sister near Howard University — and thank goodness, because the hotel she works at is apparently charging $700 a night (that’s the cheapest room) and the minimum stay is 4-nights. No cancellations, prepaid.

Where we're staying

Since I’ve been here, a bunch of people have asked how the weather is. Well, it’s pretty cold … cars and roads are freezing over! But it hasn’t dropped below the 20s, luckily.

Yes, it's cold!

We headed to Congressman Mike Honda’s D.C. office (which is located RIGHT next to the Capitol building) to pick up my tickets. I took pictures in front of the Longworth House Office Building, before going inside. 

The capitol building

The inaugural invitation

We are looking into inaugural activities today — so stay tuned for more coverage!!

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