Winning the Inauguration Tickets

Winning the Inauguration Tickets

By Around Town, Perspectives No Comments    January 17, 2009

I had entered a creative writing contest hosted by Congressman Honda to win tickets; the question was, “Tell me why you want to go and, remember, be creative!” As time passed and I didn’t hear anything, plus my entry was one among a hundred, I assumed that was that. But then I received an email telling me that I was in the top 10 of chosen entries! 

After a few more days (and a lot of patience!), I found out that I did in fact win 2 inauguration tickets! Here is the winning entry:

“2 Friends, 2 Inauguration Tickets, 1 Road Trip of a Lifetime”

– Jan 20, 2009 – 
9:00 am: My best friend and I have arrived in Washington, D.C. The air is crisp (okay, FREEZING! I think it’s 3 below today!), the streets are packed with Obama supporters, and I am so excited. We are attending President-elect Obama’s Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony today!!! I cannot begin to describe the thoughts that are running through my mind. I am so proud to be African-American and proud to be an American.

10:45 am: We’re checking in to claim our tickets. Thank you Congress(wo)man ———! The line is insanely long and I am just proud to know, that when I go back home, I will be able to say “I was there” and share my experience with everyone. And even though I’m only 23, I will one day be able to tell my children that I saw President Obama be sworn into office!

11:30 am: Tickets are in hand! This is going in my scrapbook! Now we’re headed towards the Lincoln Memorial for the ceremony! 

12:35 pm: We’re here and we’re ready. There is a band, former Presidents, and I think that might be Hillary! No way!

2:00 pm: President-elect Obama is taking the stage!!! I can’t believe he looks so relaxed! I wonder if he’s nervous. Oh, wow, everyone is standing up and shouting, “Yes, we can!” The roar is deafening! 

4:00 pm: What an amazing experience! America has a new President, and his name is Barack Obama! It is a miracle that I was here; and I will never forget a single moment. I will definitely carry this with me for the rest of my life.

Congressman Honda, with your help this could be my reality. I am amazed that I even have an opportunity to get 2 tickets! Attending the Inaugural Ceremony would be the experience of a lifetime, and I would be so grateful for your help. This isn’t only my dream; it is my parents’ dream, my grandparents’ dream, and my great-grandmother’s dream.

Thank you for making this opportunity available!

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