Welcome to The Oya Spiel!

Welcome to The Oya Spiel!

By Uncategorized No Comments    January 5, 2009

Introducing the Oya Group’s company blog!

Corporate blogs have become one of the most cost-efficient and popular ways to engage and stay in touch with customers and the marketplace. A blog allows a company to get involved in meaningful and relevant conversation with anyone on the web — getting right to the heart of marketing, and staying in the minds and hearts of their customer.

The Oya Spiel will be a compendium of our thoughts, rants, and interesting ideas. It’s also a great way for any of you to contribute and converse about all topics of interest. Check back often; there will be new content each week, at least.

Each Oya employee will bring his/her own unique perspectives to the blog, filling it with helpful information, business ideas, funny tidbits, and anything else that seems eye- (or ear-) catching. You can get involved too, so feel free to comment on any postings that you find inspirational, compelling, or just plain controversial.

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