MLK Day and Activities Around Town

MLK Day and Activities Around Town

By Around Town, Uncategorized No Comments    January 19, 2009

Well, today was a busy day! First, we went to see Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple) at a small restaurant/bar/lounge called Busboys and Poets in downtown. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in (the place was PACKED!!!!) but I did get some good photos of her through the window.

Alice Walker

Then we went to find commemorative Obama Metro cards — but they were sold out everywhere!

Finally, we headed to Howard University, where influential black leaders (like Cornell West, Jesse Jackson, and the Rev. Al Sharpton) were having a debate. Called “Refresh the World,” they discussed political, social, and racial issues facing Black Americans. It was so inspiring!

Now we’re grabbing some food — it is super crowded. The streets are filled with ppl, some here for the inauguration, some selling Obama gear, and others just hanging out.

Packed streets

I am blogging all of this from my iPhone so pictures will follow soon!

Thanks for reading!

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