Webifying Large Documents; Intro

Webifying Large Documents; Intro

Webifying Large Docs or Processes Without Going Insane

As a full-service creative agency, we get this question a lot. A client has a large document or long process that they want to put on their website, but they have no idea how to go about it. It’s actually a large subject, about which a lot has been written. In this document I attempt to cut to the chase. take it to it’s bare bones, and lots of other metaphors that mean, “say it concisely.”

We assume, for the sake of this document, that something has already been written. But, it’s been written without any forethought as to putting it up on a site. The document may be old, the writer not thinking of the web when doing the writing (as was the case in the situation that caused me to write this document), or any one of a slew of reasons–but the bottom line is that this large document exists and that’s all it is–a large document without the planning or structure that would allow it to be webified easily by designers and/or programmers.

For the sake of clarity and making this document easily digestible in a blog format, I have split it into several parts. However, you can download the entire doc here:

Webifying Large Documents

Watch for the first section tomorrow, and the rest will follow in the coming days.


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