Webifying Large Documents; Part 1

Webifying Large Documents; Part 1

Many of us in the web world have had the experience of being given the task of taking a long document and preparing it for use on the web. Whether it’s a piece that is designed to just be read (brochure-ware), or a process (such as a survey or test), we need to find a way to work with designers and developers to create a web experience that is great for the users of the material.

This series provides a high-level guide to getting there.

Basically, there are 6 steps:

  1. Discover the author’s intent
  2. Determine the document type
  3. Consider the environment in which the document will be presented
  4. Provide structure to unstructured material
  5. Provide guideposts for the reader
  6. Determine the process to get through the material

Following these steps will enable you to take any material and turn them into web experiences that engage readers/users, and leave them wanting to come back for more.

For the sake of clarity and making this document easily digestible in a blog format, I have split it into several parts. However, you can download the entire doc here:

Webifying Large Documents

Watch for the next sections in the coming days.

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