Our SEO Adventure Part 5: Launch!

Our SEO Adventure Part 5: Launch!


Well, after starting, stopping, restarting, and a lot of learning about the intricacies of WordPress, Our site has launched! Yes, you can now see the new site at www.oyagroup.com. One thing that we have learned throughout this process is the value of external agencies. The more objective view and the ability to see the big picture while we were engaged in the day-to-day of the business, proved invaluable. I’m not even talking about forest and trees here, more like forest and bark! And, boy, did it make the difference–it also taught us that we’re our hardest client!

As a bay area branding agency it’s almost embarrassing to admit that we struggled so much with our own site, but it proved to us the truth of what we’ve been saying to clients for years; that an external agency/consultant/whatever can understand and articulate your values with an honesty and clarity that it can be very hard for internal teams to produce.

So, now we’re busily SEOing the site, learning about the best WP plugins, and have committed to creating more blogs in the months to come. We hope that following our adventure along has been fun and informative and feel free to give us any feedback you’d like on the new site–we’re always open to new ideas!

And, now, the real hard work begins!

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