Time’s 10 worst is the worst!

Time’s 10 worst is the worst!

By Perspectives No Comments    May 21, 2009

That august publication, Time, has just published their worst 10 tech failures of the past 10 years. While everyone may agree or disagree with Time’s take on the worst of the worst, I find their presentation of the material to also rank as one of the worst ever! Naughty, naughty, Time! In order to take in the entire list, you have to scroll, page-by-page, through the material…unless you happen to spy the “entire list” button, which is so badly placed that it’s possible to miss it until most of the way through the article (I did, for instance).  And, even once you find it, the presentation isn’t well done–what happened to providing nifty java/ajax rollovers to see a precis before having to go to each page?

Perhaps it’s time for Time to get with it?

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