The world is now less fun…

The world is now less fun…

By Uncategorized No Comments    May 8, 2009

This week marked the passing one of the best comedians of all time. Dom DeLouise. Truly a master of characters, improvisation, and general insanity, he was the inspiration of an entire generation of “new” comedians such as Robin Williams and Billy Crystal.

I had the pleasure once of seeing Dom Delouise and Robing Williams on stage together, and it was a truly remarkable event–it was the peak experience of insane comedy and the two of them drove each other to heights of hilarity rarely seen.

The world is truly a slightly less fun place now–we’ll have to all work to ensure that we bring some of Mr. Delouise’s inspired insanity to all of our daily lives.

Some treats for fans of insanity:

Dom and Dean Martin

with Johnny Carson…and some eggs

and Charlie Callas

Dom, we’ll all miss you, thanks for the wonder!

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