New Look, Same Great Taste

New Look, Same Great Taste

  • Same Oya, Only Better
  • We Did It! (Finally)
  • A New Dawn, A New Day (for Us)
  • More (better), more (services), more (cool stuff).

How many more trite phrases could I come up with? The possibilities are endless, right? Well, I couldn’t decide on one title and all of these do convey a sentiment that really works for me so I included them all for consideration.

The one that resonates with me the most is “We Did It! (Finally)”. The truth is this website update has been a long time coming. We should have updated it 3 years ago, if I was being really honest. How embarrassing—no kidding. If we were our own client we would have told ourselves that our web presence was at best hurting our image, and at worst losing us sales. Our competition had leap-frogged ahead of us, and it showed. How did we let that happen? We continued to do amazing work and gain expertise and added services but nobody knew about it. We had become our own worst client. Well, THAT had to change! Voila! Our new website is launched.

(Queue applause).

The result is a modern fully responsive mobile site that communicates our value, expertise, and culture; is easy to navigate, and invites interaction. Technologically, the backend is based on a WordPress CMS so we can easily and quickly update the content to stay relevant and refreshed. Since we are now a HubSpot Partner we integrated our site with HubSpot, an inbound marketing platform. And, we’ve updated our body of work with rich imagery and relevant content so you can get an idea of the quality and breadth of what we could do for you.

And, we’ve added more services to our repertoire that are very exciting so there is more content to talk about. Check out the Science page or Adam’s blog for more on the science of marketing. We’re are doing some pretty cool stuff, and we’re really excited to talk about it, so come by for a chat if you are curious.

We hope you find the new site interesting, entertaining, informative, and inspirational. We hope there is enough eye-candy to keep you delighted, enough relevant and interesting content to keep you informed, and enough new stuff to keep you coming back. I promise to keep in touch and not let so much time go by before reaching out to say “Hi”. In the meantime I’d love to hear from you. Give me a call and let me know what you are up to or simply comment below if you feel so inspired.

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