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The Evolution of the Website

The explosive changes in marketing in recent years have forced websites to evolve. No longer online brochures, they are living entities that entice audiences to visit, nurture relationships, and become a vital element in your sales cycles. Marketing Automation and Inbound/Content Marketing  mean your site needs to be born of science and rooted in creativity.

Marketing Automation and Inbound (Content) Marketing

Marketing activity has exploded in recent years and, as a result, the website has become a hive of strategic creative activity:

  • They generate a lot more data
  • Involve a plethora of new activity
  • Which makes brand integration more challenging
  • Mass customization is now possible, and expected by audiences
  • And yet, good marketing still needs to connect on an emotional level
  • And it all needs to work on everything: phones, tablets, desktops, print, video, online, and offline.

The combination of Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing enables the modern, efficient, marketer to do all of this without an enormous staff.

And your website evolves from a flat online brochure to an engine that drives leads and nurtures contacts through the sales cycle.

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Inbound Marketing

If you’re still slogging through traditional marketing activities and seeing it getting harder and producing fewer results, you must be asking yourself, “There has to be a better way.”

Yes, there is. Inbound Marketing enables you to attract leads, so that people who come to your website are motivated to do something, like filling out a form, where they give you their email address. Read more…

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Marketing Automation and Analytics

To just track and stay in front of volumes of leads is a nearly impossible task. And, because you need to provide a higher level of service to nurture your prospects through every stage of the sales journey, that adds more layers of complexity to the task. The result of not resolving this is lost business, dissatisfied customers, and longer sales cycles.

With the plethora of outbound marketing materials and the almost completely ubiquitous nature of internet access (due to mobile devices), it’s no wonder that more and more companies are turning to Marketing Automation (MA) platforms. Read more…

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