What is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?

By Data Science, Perspectives No Comments    February 27, 2015

Inbound Marketing (aka Content Marketing) is a proven method of attracting and engaging your audiences, then nurturing the relationship to encourage prospects along the sales journey. It is a process whereby you attract prospects to come to you, rather than (or in addition to) traditional marketing and sales techniques where you seek them.

Along with solid strategy and consulting, a key element of Inbound is the software platform; we offer two platforms, Hubspot and Sharpspring. They integrate with your website and automate much of the work of publishing (blogs, papers, e-books, etc.), promoting those publications via email and social media, then capturing responses as readers and followers come back to your website looking for more information.

Why would we do this? (What’s the value?)

Inbound is the easiest and most up-to-date way to attract and convert prospects; customers, followers, partners, and any other potential leads out there. It will enable you to build awareness in your various markets, to attract prospects to your company’s website, convert them into followers (e.g. people who are signed up to receive your communications), and to stay engaged with them, so that when they are looking for something that you can supply, you’ll be the first company that comes to mind.

Inbound will also be strongly supportive of all the other marketing that you do. PR, IR, events, tradeshows, clinical trials, and anything else you do will have an amplified impact with Inbound Marketing. Adding Inbound to your marketing mix will result in an increased return on your marketing investments. Talk to us about how this all fits together.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

Inbound consists of a number of tools that make it easy to publish and promote your content. Once that content has drawn people to your site, another set of tools enable you to capture their information via forms on special pages (landing pages).

Once captured, subscribers can automatically be put into a process (called a workflow) that keeps them engaged with you. This happens by sending them additional content at whatever frequency makes the most sense for you and the type of prospect (e.g. potential partners may need to be contacted more or less frequently than potential investors). When these subscribers meet certain criteria (that we’ll help you define), the appropriate person at your company will be contacted to make direct contact with that lead.

And all of this will be visible to you via extensive analytics and reporting, so that you can see how much activity you are driving, who’s coming to your site, and what is attracting the most prospects.

What’s required to make it all work?

The two main requirements are to subscribe to the platform of your choice and then, most importantly, to have a regular stream of content to feed the publication engine. Oya will consult with you on the best strategy for you, then assist with the management and operation your Inbound engine. We can help with the content generation, and all the other aspects of a productive Inbound Marketing engine.

It’s a program that is working well for many clients and thousands of companies worldwide

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