The Powerful Rebrand of the Boston Marathon Creates Unity

The Powerful Rebrand of the Boston Marathon Creates Unity

After writing a blog last week about the rebranding of a company, I thought it would be fit to write about the Boston Marathon, which happened earlier this morning. After the bombings last year, the Boston Marathon rebranded itself in a way that proved to be something powerful. The Boston Athletic Association realized that there was potential in changing the esthetic of the race after the tragedy occured. They were able to rebrand the Boston Marathon in a way that united and uplifted people, giving them hope in the power of sticking together and supporting one another. Although the Boston Marathon ranks as the world’s oldest annual marathon, and is one of the most prestigious road racing events in the world, it had a new type of importance today.

By being a part of the running community myself, I have experienced firsthand how the bombings affected the running, racing, and Boston Marathon world. Since the bombings occurred, runners all over the world have come closer together. There are supporters everywhere that can be identified in person with Boston Strong clothing or on social media platforms with the #BostonMarathon and #RunAsOne official hashtags. The tragic events of the 2013 Boston bombings has not made the Boston Marathon something that people are afraid of participating in, it has brought us closer and made us stronger.Although the Boston Marathon has distinguished itself as the pinnacle event within the sport of road racing through its traditions, longevity, and method of entry via qualification, this Marathon has rebranded itself as a reflection of perseverance and triumph of the human spirit. I think that runners all over the world are more interested in competing in the Boston Marathon than ever before, myself included.

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