Our SEO Adventure, Part 4: Ready! Aim!

Our SEO Adventure, Part 4: Ready! Aim!

By Perspectives No Comments    June 30, 2012


You’ll recall in our last episode Oya, a branding company in the Bay Area, decided to move to WP, to SEO the heck out of our site, and start incoming marketing. Only to have our new business development God, Jeremy, tell us that the home page really needed redesigning. Thus, per the last post, the call went out for ALL STOP!

Well, it turns out that web page design for a branding company is extremely hard. We are the essence of the picky customer, especially when it comes to our own look and feel and user experience. But, to save the gory details, a month, two designers and three designs later, viola! A new homepage design for The Oya Group.

Onto the every gorier details of getting everything over to WP, prepping files, re-writing lots and lots of copy, lots of keyword research (now I understand why you SEO companies get paid what you do), lots of keyword applications to several sections of the site (now I REALLY understand…), and we are ready for the “final” scrub through by Karen, our CEO and Creative Director (CD).

As any of you who have worked at a branding, marketing, or advertising company knows, CDs are the most detailed oriented people, perhaps on the planet (although I might give a nod to brain surgeons, who one HOPES are really detail oriented).

So, a site we think is about perfect goes back into “tweak” mode; a pixel here, a pixel there, a linespace here, a color-shift there–a much longer list than we were expecting, but that’s why we love our CDs.

So, we’re almost there. Stay tuned for the launch!

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