Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Company Page for Marketing

Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Company Page for Marketing

By Perspectives, Social No Comments    March 25, 2014

You may ask yourself why your company should create a company page, not knowing if it is worth the time or the effort. However, company pages have a lot of potential and can help you educate others about your business in a helpful and organized way in addition to your existing social media strategy. If someone is interested in your company as a customer, prospect, or job seeker, they can find specific information about your company all in one place.

A LinkedIn company page can help your organization in many ways. If your focus is on branding or recruitment strategy, having a company page will give you the opportunity to sell your organization and let potential employees know what you are looking for and what you have to offer. It can also be used to tell people about your company’s products and services through social media. With all of the people engaged with social media these days, it is important to implement LinkedIn into your social media strategy. These sections on LinkedIn will give your visitors access to see which employees are responsible for the products and services listed.

Having a company page will allow you to showcase the work that you have done and currently do. It will give visitors a feel for your company, what you are about, and how you work. It can act as a way to show your organization’s thought leadership in your industry. You can also keep your visitors coming back to your page by sharing news, comments, and articles to start conversations with your target audience. People have the option to ‘follow’ your company page to see your posts in their newsfeeds. If you have a marketing team, this feature will be helpful for creating advertisements to promote your business to an audience that has already shown interest in your company.


I recommend creating a company page on LinkedIn if you have not done so already. I personally enjoy following companies that I am interested in, it’s great to see what’s new with them and what they have to share. If you have created a company page and want some tips on how to improve it, LinkedIn has created a very informative slideshow which you can view here. It covers the top 10 best tips from the best LinkedIn company pages of 2012. If you’re uneasy about the actual process of setting up your LinkedIn Company page, this video may be very helpful to you.

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