Motivational Mapping

Motivational Mapping

By Data Science, Perspectives No Comments    February 27, 2015

We believe people don’t buy because of their demographics, but because of their motivational drivers.  What if you could target your next campaign by what motivates your targets, rather than just at “men 40-60 who live in Cincinnati”? Instead, use language and graphics that appeal to certain motivational demographics; thrill seekers, coupon lovers, egotists, decisive people, etc. What would that do to the rest of your marketing metrics?

We have seen huge uplifts in response using MM, so high that we don’t consider a test successful unless at least a 30% increase in response is achieved. NOT your typical analytics (there’s enough of that out there already) MM provides a deep look into the motivational components of what’s driving your buyers.

Current analytics is, simply, missing a “W”. In grade school we were all taught the basic Ws of a story: Who, What, When, Where, and Why (ok, and sometimes “How”). Current analytical tools give great insight into the first 4 Ws; you can see who bought, what was bought, when it was bought, and where it was bought, and even how.

But you can’t see the whys. But why? Why can’t we see the whys of transactional data? Why can’t we see what’s motivating people to buy our whatever?

For two reasons: 1) the data’s unstructured and qualitative, not lending itself to easy statistical analysis, and 2) there’s no simple and reliable way to get at it. It takes months of marketing consulting, tons of research, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get just a glimpse, a snapshot, of what’s motivating your market. And that data is likely suspect, because motivations are frequently unconscious, not lending themselves to easy (or honest) discussion. At least…until MM. Based on over 60 years of social, psychological, and statistical research and over 4 years of development by top psychology and statistical scientists, MM is a fast, simple, and accurate way to measure your market’s motivations.

How? Because the data is already out there, you just need to know where to find it, and what to do with it once you have. The data lives in social media, where huge numbers of people are revealing clues to their motivational demographics every second. What to do with it? Run it through the MM algorithm and it will, though a proprietary combination of statistics, machine learning, and language analysis, turn this qualitative data into quantitative customer profiles that you can immediately apply to your marketing strategy.

Interested in more? Ping us. We’re very motivated to talk about this thrilling topic It’s the next evolutionary step in analytical (scientific) marketing.

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