LinkedIn Updates and Tips to Improve Your Personal or Company Profile

LinkedIn Updates and Tips to Improve Your Personal or Company Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful professional online community made up of over 270 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. Having a LinkedIn profile will benefit employees and companies alike, making them more productive and successful. With 2 new LinkedIn members joining every second, this professional network is rapidly expanding. Creating a LinkedIn page is a great first step for you or your company, but showing up in search results, growing your network, and making the page the best it can be by generating more profile views, is just as important.

LinkedIn has recently updated the “who’s viewed your profile” section of their website by offering personalized and unique tips for how users can increase their number of profile views. The page now incorporates analytics about LinkedIn members who have clicked to view your profile. Members are given the information to see which specific industries the viewers work in.


In addition, LinkedIn members will now see tips suggested specifically for them that will help ensure that their profile receives more views. These suggestions vary from sharing an article to adding a certain skill to your profile.

Another simple thing to do in order to receive more views is to add a profile picture. According to LinkedIn’s company blog post, members that have a photo receive 11 times as many page views on average than those without a profile photo. I personally have a LinkedIn account and try to do everything I can to make it better. It acts as my resume, so having employees, employers, and potential employers, viewing it makes me want to have it be the best it can be. Having a LinkedIn profile is a great tool for individuals and businesses, and if you take the steps to make your profile stand out among others, there are many potential benefits and opportunities that could arise.

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