Invisible Value

Invisible Value

By Uncategorized No Comments    January 29, 2009

As marketers we are service providers. As service providers it has been often said that the best service is “invisible,” that the client sees the results and gains the service, but doesn’t (and, perhaps, shouldn’t) see the effort involved.

Now, if this is true, when it comes to marketing, how can we continue to provide this high level of service and still ensure that the clients understand the value they are receiving?

Clients see the quality of work they get from a professional organization — especially one like ours that delivers extremely high quality creative — and they know they like it. The question I have to ask is, how to relay to them the effort, creativity, experience — the value–they are receiving?

Does a professional organization not point it out and assume that, eventually, they’ll “get it”?

Nay, say I, there must be a better way.

So, the question of the day is, how to bring to consciousness the “invisible value” of the creative process?

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