Instagram at the Golden Globe Awards

Instagram at the Golden Globe Awards

By Around Town, Social No Comments    January 20, 2014

At the Golden Globes last week in Los Angeles, Instagram gave their users the chance to get to know the celebrities on a more personal level. These social media users were allowed to play journalist with their Instagram App.

9c92690e7aef11e3aa26121541b41a6a_8Instagram, now owned by Facebook, created an InstaStop Video Q&A Station at the red carpet. This was an interactive booth where celebrities could view 15 second long videos submitted by Instagram users and respond to them with videos of their own. Fans could submit their questions by using #AskGlobes on their Instagram videos. The video answers would appear on the @GoldenGlobes Instagram account for all to see.

I personally think this was a smart move for Instagram. Fans of the celebrities had to create Instagram accounts, if they didn’t have one already, in order to submit a question. Charkes Porch, who leads entertainment partnerships for Instagram, stated that “We’ve seen Hollywood increasingly embrace Instagram, and this integration at the Golden Globes is the latest example of that”. By allowing fans to see a more behind the scenes look at the Golden Globes and keeping it exclusive to Instagram users, they surely gained a large amount of followers by  simply just setting it up. I hope to see their InstaStop Video Q&A Station at more events in the future.

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