CES Showcases Wearable Technology

CES Showcases Wearable Technology

By Cool Stuff No Comments    January 13, 2014


The excitement of the holiday season is not quite over for those who attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. From enormous curved televisions to gesture-controlled gadgets, this year’s CES showcased just how much money people wish they could spend on electronics.

As an avid user of smart watches, I’m especially excited to see the advances in the wearable technology that will be revealed at CES. Archos and Pebble are smart watch brands that will be competing this year with new models that will sell for less than one hundred dollars. These watches will be compatible with iOS and Andriod and will collect heart rate data and fitness activities. Even dogs will be able to join the trend of fitness trackers, thanks to VOYCE, who has created a smart collar designed to inform pet owners of health information, GPS data, and more.

3L Labs is showing a Bluetooth-enabled insole called the FootLogger at CES this year. These insoles track activity levels, walking health issues, therapy progress, and energy expenditures. Socks, bras, and headbands that analyze brain waves, sweat levels, health,  and heart rates will also be featured.
All of the new personal technology gadgets may used to only be for fitness buffs, but it seems that they have made their way into the mainstream consumer devices. The acceptance of these biometric tools could be the next step of electronics after smart phones that will weave technology into more aspects of our everyday lives. As these products become more reasonably priced, I feel that myself and other Generation Y’s will be main consumers of wearable technology.

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