Happy Birthday Oya. My Thoughts on Turning Eight.

Happy Birthday Oya. My Thoughts on Turning Eight.

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Happy Birthday to Us.

Ian Gordon turned 12 on July 31, 2009. Ian is my dear, dear, dear stepson. I love him madly. When I tell him that he replies, “Most people do.” And, it’s true. He’s truly one of a kind. Early that morning he texted me with the following: “It’s 8:32 I’m 12!” He was thrilled to have finally made it! We threw him a party. There was fun, food, laughter, and cake. The floor was littered with sleeping bags filled with moppy-headed boys, presents, and video games. It was all good. A fitting celebration for a wonderful kid.

The next day I woke up, thinking birthday thoughts and realized that it was Oya’s 8th birthday. Though I’ve had an agency since 1994, the Oya brand was born on August 1, 2001. I must admit, this birthday kinda snuck up on me. In years past I never even gave it a thought. August 1st always came and went without fanfare. No cake. No balloons. No singing. No party. Just another day…

So, why is this year any different? Why did I wake up and make note? Maybe because it’s been a hard year for business overall and the year 2001 had similar challenges. In 2001 the high-tech industry was in crisis. Many of my friends had lost their jobs and everyone was cutting back and watching every penny. ROI was the most important thing to our customers. The work had to be good, thoughtful, and effective. Then just when we thought things would settle down, the events of September 11th hit us like a freight-train, further eroding our confidence. Everyone was in shock. But, Oya survived and thrived in the following years as everyone went back to work and back to business.

The last 12 months have been very challenging for everyone and when that happens people seek new ideas. Creativity is at a high level as people reach out for new and innovative ways to connect with each other and tell their unique stories. This is both a difficult and exciting time.

So, as we turn 8 years old I would like to celebrate and acknowledge this momentous occasion.

Happy birthday to us! We made it! Let’s have cake!

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