2014 Mobile World Congress Brands Utilize Social Media to Connect with Consumer Base

2014 Mobile World Congress Brands Utilize Social Media to Connect with Consumer Base

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The 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain is just around the corner and everyone is gearing up for the show. Neomobile will be holding a photo competition at Mobile World Congress where attendees will have the chance to score a mobile advertising campaign worth €10K, about $14,000. Neomobile will be including a creative Superhero theme called Superheroes of Mobile Monetization and they have been advertising this primarily through their website. Visitors can look forward to a fun, productive, and relaxing

meeting environment.

Samsung, which is holding its MWC party on the very first day of the show, could be revealing the anticipated Galaxy S5. Samsung used their mobile device Twitter account to tweet a teaser image of the mobile device, which hints that the TouchWiz software has been redesigned.

Huawei-MWC-2014Huawei has released a short video on YouTube featuring its plans for Mobile World Congress. It reveals pictures of new hardware while deliberately targeting Apple and Samsung. The video features someone talking to “Siri” on an iPhone asking about what’s new at this year’s MWC. Siri responds by showing off a couple of new Huawei devices set to launch at this year’s show. Astonished by the products, the narrator asks Siri if they’re made by “Fruit” or “Somesong.” It’s clear to see that Huawei is not afraid of mocking their competition, and by being controversial with their video, I think that they have gained more hype and chatter about the devices than they would have otherwise.

Nokia is going with a different approach of secrecy. Their Facebook page, profile picture, and cover photo is now a solid panel of green. If you check out their Twitter page, it’s a similar story, with a green background, avatar, and profile image. Nokia’s Google+ page is also entirely covered in different shades of green. You might wonder what’s with the sudden obsession of green, but Nokia hasn’t said a word. Rumors have surfaced that the Nokia X, said to launch at MWC, will be their first device to run Google’s Android operating system. Android’s mascot is a very green little robot. There’s a lot happening at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and it will be interesting to see what and how everything is revealed.


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