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Social Humor

By Social No Comments    September 26, 2012


One of the things that I never really hear when the pundits talk about the use of Social Media is the high level of humor out there. Yes, a lot of it is crap, but then again, we never hear the bits that don’t make it into a Seinfeld or Robin Williams routine either. However, a lot of  Social Humor is truly funny and based on some stuff one would never think humorous.

For instance, the British Pig Association (yes, that’s pretty funny in itself…) recently announced that there is no chance of avoiding a global bacon and pork shortage next year. Now, beyond the fact that I probably never would have even heard about this if it wasn’t for Social Media, the Twitterverse went pretty wild with this news.

Look here:

It seems to me that one thing that so many of the Social Media pundits miss is that one of the main reasons people seem so attracted to it is that it’s FUN! And, if that is indeed the case, then those of us using it for advertising/branding/consumer outreach need to keep that in mind and get stuff out there that’s not stultifying.

Yes, some companies have gotten this but, to many, it seems that humor just hasn’t occurred to them or that it’s verbotten, damaging of the “brand experience.”  Posh, I say–make people laugh, give ’em some fun–there’s nothing better at creating a “great brand experience”!

After all–what’s better than discovering how to survive the coming global bacon shortage?

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