Oya Brings Home an ADDY

Oya Brings Home an ADDY

By Around Town No Comments    April 3, 2013


On March 14, 2013—The Oya Group was recognized by an elite group of peers for their outstanding work on the redesign of XL Construction’s website. The work was judged by three senior agency creative directors from top-tier Western Region agencies. They chose XL’s website out of the largest group of submissions that have ever been entered into the ADDY competition. That the website stood out from this highly creative and prestigious group is a testament to Oya’s forward thinking, fresh ideas, and spot-on execution.

What’s an ADDY statuette, you say? In the ADDY competition there are 5 award levels.  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Statuette, and Best-of-Show.  The first three award levels are just read out loud and every one claps. Yay!  The statuettes are presented on stage. In previous years we had won Silver and Gold and we figured we were happy with any level. Well, the winners were called in the first three categories and Adam and I looked at each other and wondered if they just forgot about us—or—Could it be that we won something better????!!!  Holy crap!  Well, they hadn’t forgotten about us and we had won an ADDY statuette. I’m disappointed about not winning Best of Show, but wadda ya gonna do?  : )

Anyway—wanted to share the news. Thanks to all who helped make this the best website EVER! Now, on to the Regional competition in Reno.  Wish us luck!

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