Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

By Data Science No Comments    February 27, 2015

Get the best from every lead. It sounds good, but how do you do that?

Let’s say that you’re doing everything right today. You’re publishing blogs, promoting them on social media, doing everything you can to track every visitor to your site, and sending out the most relevant materials possible. As a small or mid-sized business it’s hard, isn’t it? Takes up a lot of time and resources, otherwise known as money.  Add to that the results your efforts are achieving. You may be generating tons of interest and leads, so many that your sales teams have no idea how to handle them. Plus you need to keep your current clients informed and engaged or risk attrition due to agile competition.

To just track and stay in front of volumes of leads is a nearly impossible task. And, because you need to provide a higher level of service to nurture your prospects through every stage of the sales journey, that adds more layers of complexity to the task. The result of not resolving this is lost business, dissatisfied customers, and longer sales cycles. With the plethora of outbound marketing materials and the almost completely ubiquitous nature of internet access (due to mobile devices), it’s no wonder that more and more companies are turning to Marketing Automation (MA) platforms to assist.

Science_headerOya has partnered with a pioneer in SMB Marketing Automation, SharpSpring, to bring you an automation platform that will simplify your ability to shepherd prospects along their journey to becoming customers, and keep in front of existing clients. An intuitive, easy to use UI, powerful integrated CRM, and highly flexible functionality automates as much (or as little) of your revenue generation process as you’d like. And combined with Oya’s Strategicreative services, where we create templates for your communications, help you run campaigns, and interpret the analytics for you, you’ll be able to spend a lot more time on doing the business you love, rather than stressing over sales and marketing details and activities.

Get back to the fun of your business again by getting into the Marketing Automation era. Call, click, or email and get back to the business you love!

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