From D.C. to “The District” — Newsweek Spoofs Hit MTV Show

From D.C. to “The District” — Newsweek Spoofs Hit MTV Show

By Around Town, Cool Stuff No Comments    February 4, 2009

If you’ve ever read a tabloid, celebrity magazine, watched MTV, or talked to a teenage girl, chances are you’ve heard of “The Hills” and “The City.” Whether you think the shows are mindless drivel or actual entertainment is your own opinion, but there’s no doubt that they make for great spoofs.

Enter Newsweek. 

Riding on the coattails of Obama’s inauguration (and cashing in on his monstrous popularity), Newsweek has created a spoof of “The City” called “The District.” The 6-episode sereies follows Barack as he begins his journey as president…and takes on the Republicans and the economic crisis with the help of his former “frenemy” Hillary and loyal bff Joe.

As one of those people who never misses an episode of “The Hills,” I thought “The District” was hilarious and completely on point.

See for yourself!


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