5 Successful Social Media Posts in 5 Minutes

5 Successful Social Media Posts in 5 Minutes

By Social No Comments    May 12, 2014

Incorporating social media into your business’s daily routine can sometimes be difficult, especially when you’re time crunched, have a busy day, or just don’t know what to write about. On those days, it’s most helpful to have a quick, easy, and interesting post in your back pocket that you can use to engage your audience. Rather than not posting anything at all, it’s great to have something short and enticing to show your followers that you’re still alive and want to be involved. Here are 5 ideas that you can use to keep your business’ social media accounts active with timely and useful information.

1. Ask a Question People love talking about themselves and their opinions, so why not give them a reason to comment on your post and make it more popular? The more comments, likes, retweets, or shares your post has, the more people will see it on their newsfeeds. Think of an interesting and thought provoking question that is clear, concise, and relevant to your market.

2. A Day-in-the-Life Photo What’s currently going on in your business that is interesting to show others? A photo of a presentation or event set up of something behind the scenes that your company supports will give your audience a look into what you do.

3. Share a Fact Think about the products and services that your business offers and create a tip or fact about your industry. It will let your audience know more about what you do and is a great opportunity to embed a link to your company blog or newsletter.

4. What’s Trending? Celebrity news, pop culture, and holidays are always popular on social media. Creating a post that mentions something that’s buzzing right now will boost engagement. In order to get real time information on what people are searching check out http://www.google.com/trends/.

5. Support your Community Create a post that shares upcoming events or news in your local community. This can build beneficial relationships with other local businesses and organizations as well as a successful post.

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